2018 NOTICE OF EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS FOR STUDENTS WHO RESIDE IN THE SOUTHERN DOOR COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Southern Door County School District is located on a beautiful 129 acre site at 2073 County DK, just off Highway 57, six miles north of Brussels and seven miles south of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. This rural public school district has provided educational programs and co-curricular activities for PreK-12 students living in the community for over fifty years. Students graduate with a plan to ensure that they are career, college, and community ready to enter the world. The district, known for its strong traditions of academic and co-curricular excellence, has been recognized at the state and national levels. The district is also known for its strong music and arts programs as well as such innovations as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and career technical courses in agriscience, business, and technology education. Staff members have achieved state and national awards and create a "family" like atmosphere for the school. Numerous volunteer and service learning projects and multiple community partnerships extend the learning beyond the classroom. Learning has no limits with strong technology resources and comprehensive instruction. In addition to elementary, middle, and high schools on site, there are numerous other learning environments which include a school forest and pond, a schoolyard garden and greenhouse, nature center, prairie, a renovated historic one-room schoolhouse, athletic fields, fitness center, walking trail, and an auditorium. The Board of Education annually adopts curriculum standards. The list of curriculum standards is found on www.southerndoor.k12.wi.us. On the most recent state report card, the District and the Schools earned the following ratings: District: Exceeds Expectation Southern Door Elementary: Exceeds Expectations Southern Door Middle: Meets Expectations Southern Door High: Meets Expectations The link to district curriculum standards and report cards is found at http://dpi.wi.gov/accountability/report-cards Some of the specific programs offered to district students include the following: - Early childhood special education (eligible three year olds) - Special education for students with disabilities - 504 - Services for English Language Learners - SOAR (Student Opportunity for an Alternative to Regular education) for high school at-risk students - Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in Middle and High School - Grade 4, Grade 8, and Grade 10 Career Planning Conferences with Students and Parents - Academic Career Planning studies in Middle and High School - Advanced Placement Courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music - Formula High School Racing to Learn program - Honors Courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies - Dual-Credit Courses at NWTC in English, Math, Computer Science, Technical Education, Business & Marketing - Microsoft Information Technology Academy - Fabrication Manufacturing & Innovation Lab - STEM and STEAM courses in Middle and High School - Global Education Achievement Certificate & State Accredited Diploma Distinction - Intervention and Enrichment services - Summer intervention and enrichment programs - National CAMP Invention summer program - Arts for Kids summer camp - Work Study program Educational options for district students include: - Early College Credit Program (formerly Youth Options) which allow eligible students in grades 9 through 12 to take one or more courses with the UW-System, tribally controlled, and/or private nonprofit colleges or universities - Start College Now which allows eligible students in grades 11 and 12 to take one or more courses with Wisconsin Technical Colleges - NWTC Advanced Standing and Transcribed Credit which allow students to acquire technical college credit for certain classes taken at Southern Door High School - Course Options which allow students who meet state and local eligibility requirements to attend up to two courses at another educational institution - Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship program allows eligible students in grades 11 and 12 who want hands on learning in an occupational area at a worksite along with classroom instruction through a Wisconsin Technical College. Students earn high school credit, NWTC credit, on-the-job work experience, and in some cases be paid for their participation. - Work-study Options which allow eligible students in grade 12 to earn credit through a job-related experience - Distance Learning Options which allow students the opportunity to network and receive course information while at school - Virtual Options which allow students the opportunity to receive part or full day instruction online on site or off site Additional options for students residing in the District that involve full-time enrollment/attendance at a school, program, or other educational institution that is not a school or instrumentality of the Southern Door County School District include the following: - Full-time Open Enrollment involving physical attendance in a public school or a nonresident school district or attendance through a virtual or charter school associated with a nonresident school district - Enrollment in a private school of the family's choosing at the family's own cost or under the parental choice program - Enrollment in a home-based private educational program as provided under state law Education options for children who reside in the Southern Door County School District but who are enrolled in a private school or home-based educational program include the following: - Private school students in grades 5K-12 have the opportunity to apply for approval to take up to two courses per semester in a District school - Students who are enrolled in a home-based private educational program have the opportunity to Apply for approval to take up to two courses per semester in public schools as provided under section 118.53 (2m) Participate in District interscholastic athletics and co-curricular activities as provided under section 118.133 For further information about the educational options in the Southern Door County School District, please contact the superintendent at 920.825.7311. 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